Inspired, Innovative, Informed: that's the Cambridge Technology Community.

We provide essential information for Cambridge technology professionals.

We've organised amazing events like Startup Masterclass, Cambridge Startup Weekend, Idea Transform, Pitch and Mix, Skills Bazaar, Creating Cambridge. We've even been archived as a Cambridge tech website by the British Library. Pretty cool no?

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IT'S BEEN A GREAT EXPERIENCE! When we started CamTechNet in Cambridge in 2009 there was very little organised support for Tech Startups. The tech community had no single online point of reference for events, jobs, companies and online resources. Now 8 years later the landscape has changed drastically, and hopefully our contribution helped trigger those changes. We were born as a vehicle for collaboration and sharing, and so we close with the hope that collaboration and sharing of knowledge and experiences with long continue in Cambridge. Farewell and Good Luck!

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